Music is critically important to a performance and should be selected prior to choreography.  It sets the tone and pace for a performance and supports the underlying story.  Instrumental music is typically preferred to ‘sung’ music, as it is less likely to distract the viewer from the performance itself.  The music beat and intensity should change in pace to create emotion in the performance.  It should also flow to structure a clear beginning, middle, and end to the performance.  Traditional demo team performance flow will start and end with intense music, with moderate intensity in between.  More modern performance flows will have multiple peaks throughout the performance itself.  They may even include silent moments of great intensity to draw attention to a particular performance element.

High quality production and mixing of the music can also provide a competitive advantage for your team.  Strong production value and seamless transition between musical pieces can make your team appear well-prepared and professional.

Unique music can sometimes be tough to find.  It seems like every demo team uses the same dozen or so instrumental pieces in their performance.  Source music from your team.  Ask them to go online and find unique music that they like and that fits the flow of your performance.  The broader you can search, the better the chance of setting yourself apart.  For more traditional style competitions, be sure to include traditional Korean songs (e.g. Arirang).