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    Our team is looking to set a goal for next year and travel to a big tournament. Considering USAT Nationals, US Hanmadang, and others. Anyone have an opinion on the best experience / highest competition level tournament?



    Yes, you should try world Hanmadang, usually held in South Korea. It will provide you with international experience and probably this highest level of competition for this sport.



    Of the tournaments I’ve been to, I felt like the US Open Hanmadang in Colorado was the best run and had a very high level of competition. They also had some events that aren’t held at most TKD tournaments. The ATU National Championships were also quite good in 2015, though the level of competition was not quite as high. The 2016 USAT National Championships had a very high level of competition as well, but difficulty contacting the organizers and last minute rule changes put a damper on the experience. The 2015 US Yong In University Alumni tournament had great potential with 14 or 15 teams competing, but after-the-fact rule changes and penalties left a very sour taste. I haven’t been to the World Hanmadang, but videos I’ve seen of the Korean teams are quite impressive. The international division teams are less so however…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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